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Benefits Of C60 In Dogs

Benefits Of C60 In Dogs

Many people enjoy the wonderful relationship that most of the pets offer, especially dogs and cats. They form the best company that can make your day fun and delightful. Apart from just being crazy and fun, dogs guard your home and offer a sick patient a heartwarming company. Since dogs are prone to allergies as well as skin-related diseases, Carbon-60 can be an ultimate product.


Do you know how dogs love licking substances? They can be exposed to food or environment containing a variety of toxins. You may be wondering where these toxins come from? But they come from environments where production and distribution take place, hence causing some complications to your dog.

C60 is known to be a super antioxidant- a property that detoxifies the dog’s body and consequently, giving it a healthy body. Again, through detoxification, the dog’s immune system improves significantly and reduces allergic reactions.

Improves its skin protection

Nobody enjoys when he/she see his/her dog with rough skin. UV radiation is mainly the root cause of the damaged skin and reduced energy levels. With C60, you can ensure that your dog appears smooth and stunning by either applying it orally or topically. The high-levels of antioxidant protects the dog’s skin layer from UV damage hence enhancing overall skin health of your dog.

Improves your dog’s lifespan

We all wish that our pets can live for long. Thanks to Carbon-60 which interacts with the mitochondria and boost cellular health and then increase life span. Imagine that C60 can make your dog live more years hence allowing you extra time to enjoy their great company. Isn’t that amazing?

Fights inflammation

If you’ve ever noticed, dogs are more susceptible to microbial attacks. This can be explained by the fact they have a unique lifestyle and also their nature of the environment. These kinds of microbial attacks cause inflammation to the dogs each day. Investing in buckyball (C60) can be an ideal decision in your home if you value your pets. Besides inflammation, it has been reported that this carbon molecule can reduce joint-related pains.

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Eradicates free radicals

In old dogs, free radicals can be the source of pains and lack of energy. You can indeed supplement your dog with the right products and watch it grow active even if it’s old. The high-levels of antioxidants makes your dog grow healthy and more active. Testimonials have indicated that dogs administered with C60 behaved just like puppies- great energy, increased alertness, and better mobility. It is interesting to hear Cliff High C60 speak about his experience withe the product also – certainly worth a listen. Also, I would also have a look at Wiki here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckminsterfullerene

Nerve protection

Just like human, dog’s nerve cells be overworked, leading to cell damage and poor coordination of your pets. Fortunately, Carbon-60 ensure that your dog’s coordination improves and boost its overall body health. Through the C60 antioxidant properties, your dog possesses healthy nerves.

Keeping your dog health protects you from many mishaps. In fact, an unhealthy dog can affect you, your finances, or the dog itself. And remember how your dog tries his/her best to make sure you enjoy while at home or while traveling. C60 is all that you need for your dog to stay healthy and bright.

Benefits of C60 Oil…


C60 oil is a combination of C60 molecule and oil. This new supplement is a potent antioxidant. It occurs naturally on wood ash, soot, and carbon-based ash. Its circular hence referred to as buckyballs. It is chemically inert therefore does not react with anything. It can extract the cellular metabolism by-products superoxide, which is capable of causing tissue damage. It does not dissolve in water but dissolves in olive oil, and the mixture helps to deal with toxicity. a good place to check out is here for more information http://www.c60-oil.com.au/


1.    Improves Running Speed

C60 molecule when it enters the body cells such as mitochondria it inhibits more effective utilization of oxygen. This leads to less fatigue or cardiac improvement and leads to more stamina and endurance enabling one to run longer distances and faster.


2.    It Boosts Sexual function

C60 was proved to reduce sexual dysfunction and spermatogenic disruption. It also reduces diabetes which is known to affect sexual function.


3.    Rejuvenates the skin

C60 may offer skin protection against harmful effects of the environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays.  The topical solution is advisable to use only after exposure to ultraviolet rays. The UV light can split off reactive oxygen species. Therefore C60 Products should be stored away from UV lights. Manufacturers add it to skin lotions to prevent sunburn.


4.    Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are the majority in weakening medical conditions mainly those affecting the elderly. The carbon atoms in C60 are chemically inert making them target for the unstable compound to stick. Free radicals being unstable strive to hold to C60 making it easier to eliminate harmful agents from the body. In the prevention of fat peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation in the cells, C60 is better than ubiquinone.


5.    Gets Rid of Bacteria and Viruses

Malonyl C60 helps in getting rid of Group A Streptococcus which is responsible for issues like toxic shock syndrome and skin infection.


6.    It Fights obesity.

It has been shown that C60 in shark oil helps to guard against the increase in the size of fat cells. This prevents the cells from multiplying. Excessive fats in the body cause diabetes or insulin resistance.


7.    C60 Helps to Fight Cancer

There is evidence that a dose of C60 slowed the growth of tumors and reduced metastasis significantly in mice. It’s not clear whether the natural substance can also slow tumor growth in human.


8.    It Enhances Longevity

A dose of C60 given to mice showed that they lived twice longer than those that didn’t. The antioxidant effect of C60 could be the reason for this as well as the fact that the molecule remains in the mitochondria for weeks enabling it to get enough time to exhibit its antioxidant effects at the cellular level. While at the cellular level C60 reverses any damages to the cells, including by free radicals. It offers protection against methyl groups that can harm the DNA. It is interesting to know that one of the main oils they use is olive oil c60 – so this is worth noting.

In conclusion, we can say that C60 is a unique product with many benefits. It has many healing properties that contribute to its numerous benefits. It can be used to fight cancer, improve cardio and reps, and fight obesity among others.