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Tribulus as a Stamina Increasing Herb

Big things come in small packages. This is true for tribulus terrestris, a small, herbaceous and perennial flowering plant native to tropical and temperate regions from southern Europe to Africa, Asia and Australia. It is also known as cat’s head, devil’s thorn and tackweed, among many other common names, all of which are in acknowledgement of its thorny traits.

How It Works in Relation to Stamina

Anyways, why is the tribulus considered a small and yet potent herb? The answer lies in its use as an herb to increase the physical stamina of athletes including bodybuilders. Think of it: A small weed is used to aid bodybuilders attain large muscles!Tribulus is used as part of a bodybuilder’s post-cycle therapy, which refers to the method id using dietary supplements to stabilize the body’s normal hormone levels and to restore depleted testosterone levels. Thus, tribulus supplements are consumed after the anabolic-steroid cycle has been completed.

To better understand how tribulus works in boosting physical stamina among its users, we must discuss the role of testosterone in bodybuilding. Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in both men (mainly in the testes) and in women (mainly in the ovaries) although it is primarily identified as a male hormone. As such, increases in testosterone levels in the onset of puberty leads to the appearance of male characteristics like growth of the male sex organs, enlargement of the larynx, and stimulation in hair growth, among others.

In terms of bodybuilding, testosterone aids in increasing muscle mass by:

• Promoting the buildup of muscle tissue during the body’s anabolic state

• Decreasing the levels of body fat, which is essential in muscle definition

• Stimulating the release of growth hormones

• Acting on the nerve cells’ receptors that, in turn, increases the muscles’ ability to generate the required forces for contraction during strength training exercises

In short, when you take tribulus supplements in the form of capsules, pills and other oral forms, you are replenishing your testosterone levels. In the process, your muscles can increase in size, strength and mass, which will provide more inspiration for working out with resistance training equipment.

Tribulus supplements are also used to stimulate the appetite. Keep in mind that a healthy appetite is essential in bodybuilding for the simple reason that the body must be fed with the right quality and quantity of nutrients.

How It Is Used in Other Ways

Tribulus is also used in other ways although opinions on their efficacy differ from one source to the next. Suffice it to say that the herb can be used to promote good overall health, which is essential in increasing levels of stamina among athletes including bodybuilders.

A few treatment uses for tribulus are:

• Kidney health issues like kidney stones, Bright’s disease, and painful urination mainly as a diuretic

• Skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, and scabies

• Male sexual problems particularly erectile dysfunction and spermatorrhea as well as an aphrodisiac

• Cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure, chest pain and high cholesterol levels

• Digestive system issues such as colic, flatulence and constipation

• Inflammation of the stomach lining and joints

• Sore throat, headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome

• Tone muscles in preparation for childbirth and to stimulate milk flow in mothers

Tribulus may be small but it packs plenty of punch. You must, nonetheless, take the necessary precautions when taking tribulus supplements just to be on the safe side. You may experience side effects like upset stomach so we suggest taking tribulus with

food. Read more about tribulus at

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