MMS1 & Your Health…

Have you been wanting to improve your health of yourself & that of family. Well, the MMS1 product may be just the thing that you are looking for. The MMS1 supplement is based on the chlorine dioxide molecule which is really a powerful little piece of chemistry. Look here to see the chlorine dioxide molecule

A man by the name of Jim Humble was actually responsible for bringing this to the public, & it happened some time ago when he was on safari with a exploration party that was looking for mineral deposits for commercial purposes. What happened is that one of the team members come down with a deadly form of Malaria – & if treatment was not provided then the likelihood of death was very high.

It just so happened that Jim Humble had some of his sodium chlorite that he often would use to make water potable whilst traveling – every time prior to drinking water Jim would put a few drops into his drinking water & this would ensure that parasites & bacteria type issues would be dealt with. Little did he know at the time that the active component even in such small amounts would prove lethal to the Malaria parasite!

So with little other option but to make up a special high strength dose for this team member, & within about 2 – 3 hours of ingesting the mixture he was literally up & on his feet laughing with his buddies. This really is quite unheard of in virtually all circumstances, as Malaria is one of the MOST deadly types of parasites out there in the world. If one adds up all of the deaths in recorded history then there are more deaths in attributed to this little guy than virtually all the deaths from wars added together!

Jim thought he was certainly onto something, so when he got back to the USE he looked further into this & finally he realized that the chlorine dioxide molecule is the one responsible for the amazing return to health from this poor man struck down with Malaria.

The product now is known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement – or better known as MMS or MMS1 solution. Whatever the name, this product works & works well! Very few pathogen killers out there can work as effectively & consistently as this one performs. It is amazing that such an amazing product can be out there working for humanity – but with such ardent opposition at the same time! It is a sad thing that the FDA has tried to put this product out of commission – so much so that one of the largest proponents out there by the name of Daniel Smith, one of the gestural MMS1 suppliers at the time is now facing up to 30 years in prison for this!