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Muscle Talk...A much overlooked aspect to many people’s health out there is parasites – & just how many of these little guys we have within our bodies! The reason for this is because parasites will lower the bodies immune response, thus affecting overall health.

There is a product called chlorine dioxide, or Miracle Mineral Supplement that has proven itself amazingly effective against these little guys – the reason being is that the chlorine dioxide molecule is lethal to such creatures, but still fine for normal healthy tissue within the body.

Very few such products exist in the world today, & this is one of the big reasons the Miracle Mineral Supplement has garnered such an enormous following out there within the health circles. How it works is in fact quite different to how the more commonly known chlorine based product works within the body. The chlorine dioxide molecule is entirely different than its cousin – the problem is that these two products are in fact very very different in both their action & what they can do.

We ourselves have used it, & even though it really does taste quite foul – & foul is the word, it does work, & works surprisingly well (if you can stomach it for any prolonged period of time!)

Still, it is worth noting that there are many detractors out there also – & even though they may speak a lot of rubbish, it is still worth noting that such propaganda exists out there – have a look at

After reading this, one product worth taking consistently (as already mentioned in the paragraphs above) is called the MMS supplement, & can be found at

Health experts recommend that individuals over the age of 30 should engage in moderate levels of strength training exercises for 3 to 5 days a week in order to enjoy the following benefits:

• Develop strong bones, which is the result of the increase in bone density while also lessening the risks for osteoporosis.

• Maintain a healthy weight, thanks to the fact that your toned muscles burn higher amounts of energy than fat.

• Lessen your risks for injuries to your muscles, joints and bones for the simple reason that these are now stronger.

• Increase your sense of balance, an important part of maintaining independence even in old age.

• Better management of chronic conditions like depression, diabetes and arthritis since your body in general and your bones, muscles and joints in particular are healthier.Happy Couple Enjoying the Sun - & Parasite free also!

• Higher levels of stamina for the simple reason that, as your body gets stronger, you will not feel fatigue too soon during your exercise sessions. Need a little boost, then use tribulus

• Greater levels of concentration especially for older adults.Indeed, strength training exercises may effectively boost muscle mass and bone density but there are other notable benefits that must not be overlooked either.

Options to Consider in Strength Training

Start on your strength training program as soon as possible. You can perform the exercises at home or in the gym as well as with just your body weight or with weightlifting equipment. You should carefully consider your options so that your final choice fits your age, physical condition, and fitness goals as well as your lifestyle, budget and other personal needs.

To name a few options:

• Body weight exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches

• Free weights training with barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells

• Resistance tubing with the use of affordable resistance tubes

• Weightlifting machines like the at-home mini-gym

Start with body weight exercises as these require little to no equipment, which means

lower risks for injuries. Gym equipment are best used under the expert guidance of a personal trainer, at least while you are learning the ropes.


Latest research suggests that intense isotonic training is most effective to build muscle (routines should be no longer than 40 – 50 minutes. Fast twitch muscle fibers are most effectively stimulated this way.

Training is one of those things, as building muscle is not nearly as easy as people may think – muscle can often come slowly, & even more slowly if you do not know what you are doing. As mentioned prior, using the MMS supplement in conjunction with training & cleansing the body, one can expect greater gains & more powerful results, as the parasites will be gone, leaving more energy for the important element of building muscle!

If just beginning, then be sure to not overdo it, as over training is the best way to ensure you will actually lose weight – a bodybuilders worst nightmare!! If you are seeking a little more stamina in your training routine, try some Bulgarian tribulus – the best I have found so far is at the Healthy Action site mentioned above.


Bodybuiding supplements are many in number, but unfortunately only a few of them will in fact do what they are meant to do! The reason for this is simple – for the body to pack on muscle, we need to create an anobolic environment.


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Our aim is to clear up some of the ambiguity out there in regards to bodybuilding supplements, and point people in the correct direction to ensure you guys can reach your goals.

Bodybuilding is a sport that virtually anyone can enjoy – without it costing too much either.

After decades of training & thousands of workouts later, I feel that I know a few things or two about fitness and so forth, and feel it my responsibility to give back a little.

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