Question One)… What is the story with creatine? I use it but always become bloated and ill not long into a cycle – is there a special way in which I should be taking it to avoid such side effects (or are they normal?)

Answer… Creatine is known for bringing on nausea, so quite normal on that front. This is that most people have too much at one time, thus leading to gastrointestinal complications. The secret is to limit the amount of actual creatine you ingest, and the best way to do this is by taking a formulation such as Cell – Tech (which comes in many different flavours). In my experience it will still make you a little nauseous, but this cannot be helped. I would also suggest taking smaller amounts throughout the day rather than one or two big hits at once. This will lead to better results muscle gain wise.

Question Two
Posted on 01. June, 2012 by admin

Question Two)… I have been training for years and years but find it difficult to really gain any appreciable muscle, and after a long consideration have thought about taking something more “anabolic” in nature. Can you give me your opinion on this please (side effects and expected gains, etc).

Answer… Well, what an interesting question! It can be quite demoralizing to train and train for years in the one gym, everyday looking into the mirror and hoping that something is going to happen! The truth of the matter is that some people put on size easier than others, and some do not put on any size at all!

There are pros and cons with anything, and anabolic steroids are no exception. Just be sure that you do not ingest any supplements that are hard on the liver or kidneys (such as many of your orals), and do not stray too far from testosterone and the nandrolone family. Oh, be sure to protect against DHT production with saw palmetto, as hair follicles do not like testosterone by-products!


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