Benefits Of C60 In Dogs

Benefits Of C60 In Dogs

Many people enjoy the wonderful relationship that most of the pets offer, especially dogs and cats. They form the best company that can make your day fun and delightful. Apart from just being crazy and fun, dogs guard your home and offer a sick patient a heartwarming company. Since dogs are prone to allergies as well as skin-related diseases, Carbon-60 can be an ultimate product.


Do you know how dogs love licking substances? They can be exposed to food or environment containing a variety of toxins. You may be wondering where these toxins come from? But they come from environments where production and distribution take place, hence causing some complications to your dog.

C60 is known to be a super antioxidant- a property that detoxifies the dog’s body and consequently, giving it a healthy body. Again, through detoxification, the dog’s immune system improves significantly and reduces allergic reactions.

Improves its skin protection

Nobody enjoys when he/she see his/her dog with rough skin. UV radiation is mainly the root cause of the damaged skin and reduced energy levels. With C60, you can ensure that your dog appears smooth and stunning by either applying it orally or topically. The high-levels of antioxidant protects the dog’s skin layer from UV damage hence enhancing overall skin health of your dog.

Improves your dog’s lifespan

We all wish that our pets can live for long. Thanks to Carbon-60 which interacts with the mitochondria and boost cellular health and then increase life span. Imagine that C60 can make your dog live more years hence allowing you extra time to enjoy their great company. Isn’t that amazing?

Fights inflammation

If you’ve ever noticed, dogs are more susceptible to microbial attacks. This can be explained by the fact they have a unique lifestyle and also their nature of the environment. These kinds of microbial attacks cause inflammation to the dogs each day. Investing in buckyball (C60) can be an ideal decision in your home if you value your pets. Besides inflammation, it has been reported that this carbon molecule can reduce joint-related pains.

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Eradicates free radicals

In old dogs, free radicals can be the source of pains and lack of energy. You can indeed supplement your dog with the right products and watch it grow active even if it’s old. The high-levels of antioxidants makes your dog grow healthy and more active. Testimonials have indicated that dogs administered with C60 behaved just like puppies- great energy, increased alertness, and better mobility. It is interesting to hear Cliff High C60 speak about his experience withe the product also – certainly worth a listen. Also, I would also have a look at Wiki here

Nerve protection

Just like human, dog’s nerve cells be overworked, leading to cell damage and poor coordination of your pets. Fortunately, Carbon-60 ensure that your dog’s coordination improves and boost its overall body health. Through the C60 antioxidant properties, your dog possesses healthy nerves.

Keeping your dog health protects you from many mishaps. In fact, an unhealthy dog can affect you, your finances, or the dog itself. And remember how your dog tries his/her best to make sure you enjoy while at home or while traveling. C60 is all that you need for your dog to stay healthy and bright.

Benefits of Trans Resveratrol…

The Trans Resveratrol Supplement is one of the leading products in the alternative medicines field. Designed by Jim Humble about a decade ago, Resveratrol has continually become popular. It may surprise you but, Trans Resveratrol assists with & kills 95% of all diseases.
This has one active ingredient: the bioflavinoid compound. This chemical is known for its selective nature. It selects what to destroy or oxidize. When used in low levels of concentration, it can select pathogens without affecting any body parts. It can kill pathogens by disrupting the synthesis of proteins necessary for the development of these viruses and enzyme inactivation. This is similar to most of the commonly used antibiotics.
Benefits of Using as a Supplement
The Resveratrol compound was initially designed as a longevity treatment. However, new uses of this product have been found. It is being used to treat and reverse the effect of AIDS, hepatitis, TB, and several types of cancers. The list of diseases that can assist is long, and these are just a few of the most common uses. Here are the benefits of using grapeseed derived Trans Resveratrol:
It is used in the treatment of burns. When used on type 3 wounds, the active compounds destroys the poison caused by the burn. It will neutralize the poison and then neutralize it. It is advisable that the supplement is not left on the wound for more than five minutes as it can cause other complications. If possible be sure to use a good vitamin C also at the same time as it will work together.
Another benefit is that it neutralizes heavy metals in the body. Heavy metals have adverse effects on the body like malfunctioning of the thyroid and other endocrine organs, the liver, brain and the nervous system. The Trans Resveratrol Supplement will counteract the effect of these metals by oxidizing and neutralize them to a less harmful state that can be removed from the body.
Resveratrol & Your Health into Old Age...This supplement is also known for destroying disease-causing microorganisms. It will kill organisms such as fungi, bacteria, mould, and other organisms that cause sicknesses. It does this by inhibiting the development of the protein that boosts the growth of virus thus killing it. Within four hours to four weeks, the anti microbials within this product will have killed the organisms efficiently. However, in most cases, it requires less than a week. As for learning more about it you should study the website
The active molecule also boasts of neutralizing harmful substances in the body. The supplement goes through the body chelating the poison and then counterbalancing it before it is removed from the body. Almost all toxins can be oxidized. This explains why this relatively new supplement is proving as effective in neutralizing most of the pathogens.
This new antioxidant has many benefits. It can treat almost 95% of all diseases. It has much positive user feedback with many recommending it as good alternative medicine. It has the chlorine dioxide which is responsible for its many health benefits. The supplement boost immunity breaks down harmful substances and chemicals and turns them into neutral elements.

Benefits of C60 Oil…


C60 oil is a combination of C60 molecule and oil. This new supplement is a potent antioxidant. It occurs naturally on wood ash, soot, and carbon-based ash. Its circular hence referred to as buckyballs. It is chemically inert therefore does not react with anything. It can extract the cellular metabolism by-products superoxide, which is capable of causing tissue damage. It does not dissolve in water but dissolves in olive oil, and the mixture helps to deal with toxicity. a good place to check out is here for more information


1.    Improves Running Speed

C60 molecule when it enters the body cells such as mitochondria it inhibits more effective utilization of oxygen. This leads to less fatigue or cardiac improvement and leads to more stamina and endurance enabling one to run longer distances and faster.


2.    It Boosts Sexual function

C60 was proved to reduce sexual dysfunction and spermatogenic disruption. It also reduces diabetes which is known to affect sexual function.


3.    Rejuvenates the skin

C60 may offer skin protection against harmful effects of the environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays.  The topical solution is advisable to use only after exposure to ultraviolet rays. The UV light can split off reactive oxygen species. Therefore C60 Products should be stored away from UV lights. Manufacturers add it to skin lotions to prevent sunburn.


4.    Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are the majority in weakening medical conditions mainly those affecting the elderly. The carbon atoms in C60 are chemically inert making them target for the unstable compound to stick. Free radicals being unstable strive to hold to C60 making it easier to eliminate harmful agents from the body. In the prevention of fat peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation in the cells, C60 is better than ubiquinone.


5.    Gets Rid of Bacteria and Viruses

Malonyl C60 helps in getting rid of Group A Streptococcus which is responsible for issues like toxic shock syndrome and skin infection.


6.    It Fights obesity.

It has been shown that C60 in shark oil helps to guard against the increase in the size of fat cells. This prevents the cells from multiplying. Excessive fats in the body cause diabetes or insulin resistance.


7.    C60 Helps to Fight Cancer

There is evidence that a dose of C60 slowed the growth of tumors and reduced metastasis significantly in mice. It’s not clear whether the natural substance can also slow tumor growth in human.


8.    It Enhances Longevity

A dose of C60 given to mice showed that they lived twice longer than those that didn’t. The antioxidant effect of C60 could be the reason for this as well as the fact that the molecule remains in the mitochondria for weeks enabling it to get enough time to exhibit its antioxidant effects at the cellular level. While at the cellular level C60 reverses any damages to the cells, including by free radicals. It offers protection against methyl groups that can harm the DNA. It is interesting to know that one of the main oils they use is olive oil c60 – so this is worth noting.

In conclusion, we can say that C60 is a unique product with many benefits. It has many healing properties that contribute to its numerous benefits. It can be used to fight cancer, improve cardio and reps, and fight obesity among others.

MMS1 & Your Health…

Have you been wanting to improve your health of yourself & that of family. Well, the MMS1 product may be just the thing that you are looking for. The MMS1 supplement is based on the chlorine dioxide molecule which is really a powerful little piece of chemistry. Look here to see the chlorine dioxide molecule

A man by the name of Jim Humble was actually responsible for bringing this to the public, & it happened some time ago when he was on safari with a exploration party that was looking for mineral deposits for commercial purposes. What happened is that one of the team members come down with a deadly form of Malaria – & if treatment was not provided then the likelihood of death was very high.

It just so happened that Jim Humble had some of his sodium chlorite that he often would use to make water potable whilst traveling – every time prior to drinking water Jim would put a few drops into his drinking water & this would ensure that parasites & bacteria type issues would be dealt with. Little did he know at the time that the active component even in such small amounts would prove lethal to the Malaria parasite!

So with little other option but to make up a special high strength dose for this team member, & within about 2 – 3 hours of ingesting the mixture he was literally up & on his feet laughing with his buddies. This really is quite unheard of in virtually all circumstances, as Malaria is one of the MOST deadly types of parasites out there in the world. If one adds up all of the deaths in recorded history then there are more deaths in attributed to this little guy than virtually all the deaths from wars added together!

Jim thought he was certainly onto something, so when he got back to the USE he looked further into this & finally he realized that the chlorine dioxide molecule is the one responsible for the amazing return to health from this poor man struck down with Malaria.

The product now is known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement – or better known as MMS or MMS1 solution. Whatever the name, this product works & works well! Very few pathogen killers out there can work as effectively & consistently as this one performs. It is amazing that such an amazing product can be out there working for humanity – but with such ardent opposition at the same time! It is a sad thing that the FDA has tried to put this product out of commission – so much so that one of the largest proponents out there by the name of Daniel Smith, one of the gestural MMS1 suppliers at the time is now facing up to 30 years in prison for this!

Resveratrol Benefits & your Health…

The mystery of trans resveratrol has been one that seems to heighten as quickly as time moves forward.  Although mysterious, it has proven to be quite beneficial in a number of ways.  Anytime there is an underlying mystery in a product or substance, there is guaranteed to be massive amounts of research and probing performed on the component.  This is exactly the trend that trans resveratrol has taken since it became known.

One of the most interesting and studied benefits of resveratrol is the effect it has onResveratrol & Your Health into Old Age...inflammation.  Scientists and researchers have conducted studies that show trans resveratrol may be productive in battling diseases of an inflammatory nature.  These diseases can be extremely harmful if left untreated and can lead to serious illnesses and possibly even death.  Trans resveratrol could possibly be used to treat diseases such as systemic sepsis, appendicitis and peritonitis as well.

Studies have shown that trans resveratrol may fight against inflammation by posing a double threat to inflammatory diseases.  It works to prevent your body from producing two separate molecules that are common for encouraging inflammation.  These molecules are identified as phospholipase D and sphingosine kinase.  In all honesty, those sound like culprits that would trigger a flare up.

Although inflammation is known as a completely natural response that the body has, it The Healthy Benefits of Using Resveratrol...does not act in a positive light in a chronically inflamed level.  Inflammation serves as a processor that helps to shield your body from external culprits such as bacteria and potential viruses.  Once the inflammation reaches a chronic stage, it may subject the body to diseases of the heart and other chronic illnesses as well.

Not only is inflammation of the body uncomfortable but without identifying the source, the possibility exists that it may become deadly.  It is a good idea to supply your body with good sources of trans resveratrol.  This is a simple method to help fight inflammation before and at the onset of inflammation. 

Inflammation can be extremely dangerous and has the ability to travel throughout the body if fluid is present.  Maintaining a healthy regimen that includes a fair intake of trans resveratrol may bring substantial benefits to your body’s ability to fight against certain forms of inflammation.

MMS Supplement & Your Health…

Muscle Talk...A much overlooked aspect to many people’s health out there is parasites – & just how many of these little guys we have within our bodies! The reason for this is because parasites will lower the bodies immune response, thus affecting overall health.

There is a product called chlorine dioxide, or Miracle Mineral Supplement that has proven itself amazingly effective against these little guys – the reason being is that the chlorine dioxide molecule is lethal to such creatures, but still fine for normal healthy tissue within the body.

Very few such products exist in the world today, & this is one of the big reasons the Miracle Mineral Supplement has garnered such an enormous following out there within the health circles. How it works is in fact quite different to how the more commonly known chlorine based product works within the body. The chlorine dioxide molecule is entirely different than its cousin – the problem is that these two products are in fact very very different in both their action & what they can do.

We ourselves have used it, & even though it really does taste quite foul – & foul is the word, it does work, & works surprisingly well (if you can stomach it for any prolonged period of time!)

Still, it is worth noting that there are many detractors out there also – & even though they may speak a lot of rubbish, it is still worth noting that such propaganda exists out there – have a look at

After reading this, one product worth taking consistently (as already mentioned in the paragraphs above) is called the MMS supplement, & can be found at

Health experts recommend that individuals over the age of 30 should engage in moderate levels of strength training exercises for 3 to 5 days a week in order to enjoy the following benefits:

• Develop strong bones, which is the result of the increase in bone density while also lessening the risks for osteoporosis.

• Maintain a healthy weight, thanks to the fact that your toned muscles burn higher amounts of energy than fat.

• Lessen your risks for injuries to your muscles, joints and bones for the simple reason that these are now stronger.

• Increase your sense of balance, an important part of maintaining independence even in old age.

• Better management of chronic conditions like depression, diabetes and arthritis since your body in general and your bones, muscles and joints in particular are healthier.Happy Couple Enjoying the Sun - & Parasite free also!

• Higher levels of stamina for the simple reason that, as your body gets stronger, you will not feel fatigue too soon during your exercise sessions. Need a little boost, then use tribulus

• Greater levels of concentration especially for older adults.Indeed, strength training exercises may effectively boost muscle mass and bone density but there are other notable benefits that must not be overlooked either.

Options to Consider in Strength Training

Start on your strength training program as soon as possible. You can perform the exercises at home or in the gym as well as with just your body weight or with weightlifting equipment. You should carefully consider your options so that your final choice fits your age, physical condition, and fitness goals as well as your lifestyle, budget and other personal needs.

To name a few options:

• Body weight exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches

• Free weights training with barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells

• Resistance tubing with the use of affordable resistance tubes

• Weightlifting machines like the at-home mini-gym

Start with body weight exercises as these require little to no equipment, which means

lower risks for injuries. Gym equipment are best used under the expert guidance of a personal trainer, at least while you are learning the ropes.


Latest research suggests that intense isotonic training is most effective to build muscle (routines should be no longer than 40 – 50 minutes. Fast twitch muscle fibers are most effectively stimulated this way.

Training is one of those things, as building muscle is not nearly as easy as people may think – muscle can often come slowly, & even more slowly if you do not know what you are doing. As mentioned prior, using the MMS supplement in conjunction with training & cleansing the body, one can expect greater gains & more powerful results, as the parasites will be gone, leaving more energy for the important element of building muscle!

If just beginning, then be sure to not overdo it, as over training is the best way to ensure you will actually lose weight – a bodybuilders worst nightmare!! If you are seeking a little more stamina in your training routine, try some Bulgarian tribulus – the best I have found so far is at the Healthy Action site mentioned above.


Bodybuiding supplements are many in number, but unfortunately only a few of them will in fact do what they are meant to do! The reason for this is simple – for the body to pack on muscle, we need to create an anobolic environment.


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